Major Projects

Though we are a Multi Faceted, Tailor made-Software developer working on various technology in IT and our thrust is always on research and development into new fields. However, while working with our highly renowned and esteemed Clients, we decided to focus on specialized applications for vertical Industry segments. In many cases, we have been the first to identify the need and develop the solution

Vertical 1 - Health : Medical Informatics

Aayu : Hospital Management System with embedded EMR

This system along with Common Patient Recording and Commercial management in the Hospital aids the doctors to record the clinical data in easy to use Electronic Medical Recording technique and extract Clinical History and Statistics. Until recently, a Hospital Management System mainly considered the influx and out flux of patients, commercial activities like billing, materials management etc, In the process, one vital aspect remains untouched, is the medical examination data recording management and retrieval of history. Erstwhile, far as noting the medical data is concerned, the doctors as well as the medical staff were using the computer as a typewriter as they were given a big memo in Hospital Management System to grossly type-in the data. Practically, any busy doctor sitting in his OPD chamber or hospital indoor has only about 3-4 min per patient to check-up, note the examination data and write the prescription. Thus he has no time to just type in the bulk data in the memo field. Naturally, recording and maintenance of medical history remains grossly neglected. Thus one vital breakthrough of this software is that the doctors here have to select the value from a set of given option against a relevant parameter, that makes the recording of the medical history much easy and quick. Another interesting aspect of this software is generation of statistics. The Vital statistics of the hospital, that is a very useful tool, not only to efficiently manage the Hospital but also to track the Developmental Indices of the hospital. Besides that this software gives disease or clinical condition wise patient population statistics, which is of enormous use far as Public Health Monitoring is concerned. Also this statistics can be used in various research Projects. Last but not the least, one major service this software renders to the Medical Fraternity is that medical history of individual patients retrieved for a given period for use in diagnosis in the hospital and outside reference. Also to the interest of Industrial hospitals, this software includes a well-developed Occupational Health Checkup module

Medical Diagnosis Expert System

CDSS based provisional diagnosis and self checking system

Medical Benefit Scheme Management Software

Originally developed for CHSS medical benefit scheme, this software basically manages the medical cost reimbursements and works somewhat like managing a medical insurance scheme in a smaller dimension.

Vertical 2 – Security & Access Control System

Access Control System

Now This Software is proprietary software of Peers Symantech, called Protect and has three versions with three backend. Also the varied application for the Contract Personnel and Vehicle entering the premises. Using this software, not only you are restricting the entry of any person in your premises also incase of any mishap, you easily can trace and hand over the photograph and fingerprint of the suspect to the law enforcement authority. The software comes with an appointment management, so the you can software for Visitors Photo Entry Pass Issue and Visitor MIS. The unique feature of the software is that it instantly at the entry of the visitor captures the photograph of the visitor stores it along with the details of the visitor and prints the visitor pass along with the photograph. Also it can over telephone make contact to the employee sought for, and may invoke Video Conferencing so the Personnel sought for can speak to the Visitor on the Gate itself. issue permission and store visitors other details leaving the photograph, so that a lot of time is saved in the gate. Also, in case of repeat visit, visitors all details can be automatically retrieved to save time.

Attendance Manegament System

This software reads data from the text string of the DAC( Data Acquisition Component ) of their SWIPE CARD based attendance system and stores the data in a database( ACCESS / ORACLE), then produces MIS report as required by the Client. Provision is also made for PROXIMITY CARD.

Biometric Access control for High Security Computers

On the Process of Development ,This Application Uses a Biometric Finger Print Scanner and the software from Us .This application restricts the access to Computers containing High Security and Strategic Data , Also gives the MIS report on access to the computer by authorized personnel

Vertical 3 – Academy Management

Educational Academy Management System

a complete academy management system that takes care of Marketing, Admission, Class Scheduling, Library management, Exam Management, Financial accounting, Stores management etc